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Scaling down my problems

Recently someone said something like the following somewhere (on Twitter? A link would be much appreciated):

Instead of scaling up your team, try scaling down your problems.

How would scaling down large problems work? Wouldn’t we have to solve large problems by composing the solutions to small ones? Wouldn’t we need another small team for doing this composition? Wouldn’t this bring us full circle to some sort of large-scale agile approach? Wouldn’t this be exactly what we set out to avoid?

How do two-pizza teams collaborate? What about coordination? Direction? Guidance? Funding?

In brief, how do I actually, concretely, practically scale down my problems in enterprisey e-commerce environments? I don’t have the faintest clue, but I’m bloody well going to find out. I’m done with scaling up!


Making good decisions oneself doesn’t scale…

…and usually doesn’t lead to the best decisions the team could make. Enabling others to make good decisions instead (and accepting others’ help in making good decisions oneself) is likely to scale better and to lead to better decisions.

If this works on a nuclear submarine, chances are it works pretty much everywhere else.

I saw the leader-follower mindset in action again. It wasn’t pretty. I intend to do better.